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Military Diplomacy Strategies LLC has spearheaded a public-private partnership venture named “Space-SkyFi” with investors, stakeholders and allies around the world.
This first of it’s kind “digital infrastructure” project will be the world’s largest space project giving global communications network based entirely on satellites.
Space-SkyFi would deploy satellites around the world, creating a constellation to offer “protected” global internet coverage. Space-SkyFi’s intellectual technology will prevent the communications of users around the world from any form of interception along with the proprietary signal relays.
Military Diplomacy Strategy’s ability to spearhead this “global infrastructure” project aligns with the White House’s national security strategy which seeks to strengthen secure information sharing with partners and allies as well as to promote an alternative to global authoritarian networking solutions.
Space-SkyFi’s disruptive infrastructure project will not only give the world the overdue “protections” to their communications, but Space-SkyFi will also bring the internet to the underserved rural communities across the United States, in addition to every developing nation around the world.
Space-SkyFi‘s goal is to be the world’s first infrastructure project providing first of its kind commercially built secure global network, from space. Space-SkyFi is increasing the resiliency of existing networks by diversifying the pathways for communication. Additionally, because of its rapid launch capabilities, Space-SkyFi can rapidly constitute the network should an adversary seek to disrupt or damage it. Space-SkyFi will bring the 21st century to the most austere locations on earth.

About Jill Kelley

The Honorable Jill Kelley is an expert on international affairs, domestic policy and Private-Public Partnerships “P3’s” for global infrastructure projects.

Known to be the 'connective tissue' to the Diplomatic world, Mrs. Kelley has been recently recognized among the Space and 5G community as one of the “most globally instrumental Arab-American women.”


She is a former honorary Diplomat, and served as the first Honorary Ambassador to the International Coalition under General James Mattis. During her appointment, Ambassador Kelley met regularly with Royals, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Parliaments to foster military and political relationships, therefore creating multilateral security, trade and economic opportunities among our most trusted allies. Her work at the highest levels of leadership played a crucial role in representing and supporting U.S. operations expanding over 60 countries (collectively known as the International Coalition). Mrs. Kelley's networks and knowledge of the most critical diplomatic challenges among our military allies have helped advance American interests during the most critical points in current history.

She received the esteemed Joint Chiefs of Staff Award for her leadership as well as the highest honor be-stowed on behalf of the Coalition because of her ability to create dialogue and resolution by accessing the highest level of leadership and her unique ability to maneuver between governments to create strategic partnerships.


As the only Ambassador and Special Envoy to the International Coalition, Mrs. Kelley understands the vision and planning needed to sustain and protect the global mission of over 60 countries, as well as the ability to predict and prevent political instabilities among our strongest allies.

Mrs. Kelley was the youngest appointed Honorary Consul General to South Korea. Her title was bestowed by the President of the Republic of South Korea because of her ability and expertise to advance bilateral trade and economic opportunities via the U.S Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA).


Mrs. Kelley is the current President of Military Diplomacy Strategies, LLC. Her advisory firm advises Embassies and multinational companies by providing in-depth analysis of economic, trade, security, political and diplomatic challenges by galvanizing her senior level government and industry relationships.


In 2017, Mrs. Kelley began creating a sovereign and private-sector-backed market-based multilateral initiative to invest and coordinate key public, private partners and stakeholders to help support sustainable development goals (SDG) by spearheading the largest digital infrastructure project, Space-SkyFi, under the auspice of Military Diplomacy.

Space-SkyFi is a disruptive approach on a White House initiated 5G infrastructure project through a collaboration of Public-Private Partners (P3) to fast track traditional government bureaucracy while simultaneously addressing U.S. national security strategy through a counterbalance of government, military, and industry partners.

Space-SkyFi‘s “5G Coalition” is a consortium of 5G investors, stakeholders and strategic partners (telecoms, distributors, manufacturers, space/satellites providers, app layers) with the support of our multinational allies.

This 5G Coalition is the only practical, sustainable, industry-driven market solution that protects a free market approach while simultaneously catalyzing the White House’s 5G nationwide rollout with secure information sharing to our partners while providing the only option for an “American 5G” to our international allies.


Before Mrs. Kelley’s formative years, she was an aspiring doctor. She met her husband, Dr. Scott Kelley, at the University of Pennsylvania while publishing critical care research. Based on her ability to analyze and interpret scientific data, Mrs. Kelley later developed and patented a number of innovative medical devices under the auspice of ‘SafeGuard Surgical’ to endure safer surgery by prophylactically preempting and preventing common medical mortalities.


Mrs. Kelley is a proud mother of three daughters. Her oldest daughter currently attends Phillips Exeter Academy where she serves on the Exeter Parents Committee.

In addition to her faith, family and career, Mrs. Kelley is a lifelong champion for our homeless and economically challenged minority communities. For over two decades, she’s been actively involved in urban revitalization for economically challenged families in urban communities. She started a non-profit to help underserved minorities, the Minority Business Association, with a goal to advance minority’s economic opportunities through technology, science, medicine and space.

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